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    Legal risks of not repairing chipped or cracked windscreens

    There are several risks associated with driving with a chipped or cracked windscreen.

    If you are caught driving with a crack in the driver’s view you can get a fixed penalty notice, 3 points and a fine.

    If you are taking your car for an MOT and any cracks are discovered in your windscreen’s ‘A Zone’ wider than 10mm your car will fail its MOT. The A Zone is the 290mm portion of the windscreen directly in front of the driver. A good reference for this A Zone area is that it will be approximately the width of your steering wheel and go from the top to the bottom of your windscreen. Any 10mm crack or chip within this area will fail your MOT.

    Any cracks greater than 40mm anywhere on the windscreen will cause your car to fail its MOT.

    Safety risks of not repairing windscreen chips and cracks

    In the unfortunate event that you are in an accident, your windscreen plays a vital role in passenger safety. When your airbag is deployed, it is directed upwards and bounces off the windscreen to prevent any passenger’s head from hitting the window. A weakened windscreen that is cracked or chipped can shatter on impact with the airbag. This can have a catastrophic effect on a passenger’s safety inside.

    Many people are not aware of the structural importance of a windscreen in the event your car was to roll over. Much of the strength preventing your roof from caving in is provided by the windscreen.

    In short, what may seem minor now can have a huge impact on those unlucky enough to be involved in an accident or collision.

    Chips can easily turn in to large cracks

    Your windscreen sustaining any damage weakens the glass and can soon develop into a crack that will require your full windscreen to be replaced.

    When driving at high speed your windscreen is under enough pressure that a chip in the wrong place can become a far more serious problem. Any slight expansion or contraction of the glass, whether caused by bumps in the road, high speeds or temperature changes, can turn into full-blown cracks quickly.

    Repairing chips when you discover them is simple, fast and far cheaper than replacing the full windscreen at a later date.

    We always recommend saving yourself the hassle and repairing any chips as soon as you discover them. If you are an NFU customer, we can repair these chips for free!

    ADAS Windscreen Repair and Calibration

    ADAS or Advanced Driver Assistance Systems is the general term for new safety features built into many new vehicles requiring a precisely calibrated windscreen. Some of the features of this technology include lane departure warnings, adaptive cruise control and emergency braking.

    At Highland Motors we have the technology to service, maintain and repair windscreens using ADAS technology.

    Windscreen Repair or Replace

    There are a few factors at play that will determine whether we can repair your windscreen or if it will need to be replaced.

    Chip or Crack? Chips on your windscreen can often be repaired. As a rule of thumb, chips can be repaired if they are smaller than a £2 coin, not within the drivers’ line of sight and not within 7cm of the windscreen edge. We can repair chips to the windscreen using a resin that will bring the glass back to almost new condition. 

    Cracked windscreens need to be replaced. As mentioned above cracks in windscreens can undermine the structural integrity of the whole vehicle in the event of a collision or accident. Cracked windscreens will also not be able to withstand the impact of a deployed airbag. Unfortunately, although some cracks may seem minor, for safety reason they must be replaced. 

    How long does it take?

    Under normal circumstances, it will only take a couple of hours to replace or repair your windscreen.

    However, until the windscreen is full assessed it difficult to place an exact time on the work. There may be damage to the bodywork surrounding the windscreen (like rust) that can’t be seen until the screen is removed. This will need to be restored before installing the new windscreen adding time to the job.

    Thank you for booking a windscreen service with us!