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Terms & Conditions

Highland Motors Limited known throughout these conditions as ‘the Company’, ‘we’ or ‘us’, accept orders for repair and service work only on the understanding that the following terms and conditions apply to the work undertaken on your behalf. Please read these conditions.

Overriding principles

  1. When a customer transacts with Highland Motors Limited, he/she is transacting with an ethical and principled company.
  2. We aim to meet all the needs of each customer whose vehicle is presented for a service, MOT or repair, and to return the vehicle to the customer in a fully roadworthy condition, compatible with the service and maintenance schedule of the vehicle manufacturer.

Detailed Terms and Conditions

  1. The placing by a customer of an order by phone or email confirms that he/she is legally capable of entering into a contract of sale and is at least 18 years old and resides in the UK.
  2. A contract will be binding between Highland Motors Limited and the customer upon the booking of a service, MOT or repair on a vehicle.
  3. Highland Motors Limited will provide details of the cost of work required before undertaking the work. The customer will approve these costs before work is commenced.
  4. We aim to complete the work within the day. If we cannot, we will advise the customer immediately and agree actions to resolve.
  5. All costs are subject to VAT at the rate ruling at the time costs are incurred.
  6. Special oils or spark plugs may be required for your vehicle service. There may be an additional charge and we will inform you of these costs on the day of your service.
  7. All parts used by us will be either Genuine Parts or of original equipment (OE) standard as required under EU statute. Manufacturer warranty will therefore be unaffected.
  8. In addition to your Statutory Rights, a Parts and Labour Warranty is provided for either a period of 12 months (or within 12,000 miles – whichever comes first) for work carried out by Highland Motors Limited. The Warranty covers replacement defective parts or related workmanship as long as the remedial work is carried out by Highland Motors Limited. If the customer uses a different repairer, we will cover the cost of the part only, subject to the return of the defective part and a copy of the invoice. We will not cover any consequential losses as a result of a warranty claim.
  9. The Warranty is dependent upon:
    1. Highland Motors Limited being given an opportunity to investigate or rectify any faults within a reasonable timeframe
    2. The manufacturer’s vehicle operating instructions being followed
    3. Having the vehicle serviced according to the manufacturer’s recommended schedule (at the time or distance specified)
    4. Full compliance with Highland Motors Limited advisories, warnings and information or any instructions provided by us
    5. The parts or workmanship carried out not being subjected to abnormal conditions or unreasonable wear and tear.
  10. Once the repair/service is finished payment will be due on collection of the vehicle and may be taken over the phone either by debit card or credit card – the car will be released to the customer once cleared funds have been received.
  11. Any work done or goods supplied in relation to a vehicle, by the order of any driver in the Customer’s employ, or by any person who is reasonably believed to be acting as the Customer’s agent, or by the order of any person to whom the Company is entitled to make delivery of the vehicle, shall be paid for by the Customer.
  12. The Company shall have a general lien on a vehicle and all its contents for all monies owing to the Company by the Customer on any account whatsoever. The Company shall be entitled to charge garage rent during any period in which the vehicle is retained by virtue of the lien.
  13. If the Customer’s indebtedness to the Company is not satisfied within three months from the first account rendered to the Customer, the Company may without notice, sell the vehicle and/or the contents thereof by public auction or private treaty. The net proceeds of the sale shall be applied towards satisfying monies due from the Customer to the Company, and any balance shall be paid by the Company to the Customer on demand.
  14. Where in any case a driver who, so far as the Company is aware, has the authority to collect the vehicle, collects the same, the Company shall not be responsible to the Customer for any loss or damage resulting, on the grounds that such driver had in fact no such authority, and this notwithstanding that delivery may have been made without payment of the Company’s account. It shall not be obligatory upon the Company to seek confirmation of the authority of any person reasonably believed to be then, or to have been at some time connected with the Customer.
  15. If a vehicle is not collected, and the Company’s charges are not paid within 24 hours after completion of the work, the Company may charge its current storage rent at £20 a day in respect of cars and commercial vehicles from the date of completion of the repairs until collection or disposal under Section 16 as the case may be.
  16. Highland Motors Limited does not accept any liability for any damage or losses suffered by the Customer from the storage of its vehicle at our premises.
  17. The customer has the right to cancel work on his car at any time, provided payment is made for work done up to the time of cancellation.
  18. Any goods bought from us that need to be returned must be done within seven days of the original order date and must be in a resaleable condition, with the original packaging and documentation. In the case of special orders, Highland Motors Limited reserve the right to charge a re-stocking fee where applicable.
  19. Estimates, whether provided verbally or in writing, are effective for 14 days. If instructions are not received from the customer within 14 days from dispatch of the estimate, the Company may charge its current storage rent from the date the vehicle was received until its collection. (Note: we do not, as a general rule, make any such charge for the garaging pending instructions, if the repairs are ultimately carried out by us and duly paid for.)
    1. All estimates by us are based on the current cost to the Company of labour, materials and spare parts at the date of estimate and in the event of any variation occurring before or after acceptance the Company may if it thinks fit require the Customer to pay on completion of the work any increase due to such variation.
    2. If no price is stated or if only part of the work covered by the estimate is carried out the Company shall be entitled to charge a reasonable and proper price for the work done (including stripping down leading to determination as to the practicability or otherwise of any work and reassembly) and for materials and spare parts supplied.
    3. If in the opinion of the Company it is impractical for any reason to carry out any of the work we have been instructed to carry out we shall be entitled to refrain from carrying out or completing such work (notwithstanding that an estimate may have been given therefore) and to carry out only such work as in the opinion of the Company may be practicable.
  20. If requested Highland Motors Limited will collect and deliver your car when a Full or Major Service has been booked, free of charge within a 4 mile radius.
  21. Highland Motors Limited is not liable for any unforeseeable financial loss, whether caused by our own negligence or for any business loss.
  22. Health & Safety laws will apply where applicable when each customer’s vehicle is serviced.
  23. Highland Motors Limited will indemnify the customer in the event there is a claim for death or personal injury. Nothing in this condition will affect the customer’s statutory rights that work is performed with appropriate skill and care, that any goods supplied are of satisfactory quality and are fit for their purpose and that the products and services correspond with their description.
  24. Highland Motors Limited will not be responsible for any loss of items left by the customer and are not connected to the vehicle or damage to such items.
  25. Where second hand or new parts supplied by the Customer are found to be incorrect or faulty either before, during or after fitting, Highland Motors Limited have the right to charge additional labour while waiting for new parts to arrive and for the removal and re-fitting of the part. We will ask you to sign a waiver of warranty prior to fitting supplied parts.
  26. Highland Motors Limited is not liable for any damage to a vehicle or delay in the services provided if the cause may be defined as “Force Majeure”. Such a cause may include but may not be limited to an act of God, industrial action or other factors deemed to be out of the control of Highland Motors Limited.
  27. Any complaint concerning work done must be made directly and immediately to Highland Motors Limited. Highland Motors Limited will endeavour to resolve any such complaint within 7 business days of our being made aware of the complaint, by telephone, email or letter. We will respond in writing where asked to do so.