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Highland Motors EasyExplain


Highland Motors Easy ExplainHM
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    What is EasyExplain?

    Easy ExplainHM is a free, simple and transparent service we offer to all our customers to put their minds at ease. Choosing our EasyExplain service when you book lets us know you’d like some extra detail and explanation on the work being carried out on your car.

    You may not be a car expert so would feel more comfortable with extra jargon-free information on what’s wrong with your car.

    We know we are the car experts and not everyone understands car terminology and components in detail like we do.

    With EasyExplain we’ll explain everything you would like to know, in a way that you understand and makes you feel most comfortable. We want you to know you are making the right choice for your car, within your budget.

    What is the purpose of EasyExplain?

    We want you to feel relaxed about bringing your car to us, knowing there won’t be any nasty surprises or aspects of our work and charges you don’t understand.

    Our EasyExplain service is one of the main aspects of our business that sets us apart. Our focus is on our customers feeling understood, unrushed and happy with our work.

    Our job is to get you back on the road in a car that performs as safely, efficiently and thrillingly as you expect. That is the motivation behind everything we do at Highland Motors.

    We pride ourselves on our number of return customers who trust our work.

    How do I choose EasyExplain?

    Just let us know when you book that would like EasyExplain added on to your service package. Everyone on our team will then know to take extra time explaining the detail of our work. You can be sure everyone you speak to will EasyExplain everything in a jargon-free, transparent way.

    Why are some people nervous about taking their car to a Garage?

    There can be a variety of reasons first-time customers to Highland Motors might be anxious about bringing their car in to us. Here are two of the main concerns we hear from our loyal customers;

    1) Some people ‘just don’t get cars’. For many people, their car is simply a means of getting from A to B. If it moves it’s working, if it doesn’t, something is wrong. Jargon talk, lack of understanding and lack of transparency can make customers feel like they are at risk of being ripped off. At Highland Motors you can be confident all our work will be done with your best interests at heart. You’ll know what’s happening and why every step of the way.

    2) They’ve had a bad experience. Some customers have unfortunately had experiences of bad workmanship with surprise charges and costs.

    We aim to acknowledge these concerns from the outset by being completely open and honest in our estimates and work. If you don’t understand anything, tell us – we are more than happy to explain things to you.

    We always ask permission before carrying out any services beyond what was requested.

    Give us a call, chat with our team and let’s take it from there. You are in safe hands. 

    We are here to help, keep you safe and keep you moving.