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Changes to Petrol Over the Summer

This summer, motorists across the country will start to see the standard (95 octane, often branded as ‘unleaded’) petrol grade in the UK become E10.

E10 petrol contains up to 10% ethanol, current petrol contains up to 5% ethanol (referred to as E5). E5 will continue to be available in some forecourts in super grade (97+ octane).

A campaign to tell motorists about the changes and the environmental benefits launched this month.

We’re sharing this information with you because a small number of vehicles (around 5%) will not be able use the E10 fuel. Petrol vehicles not compatible with E10 will need to keep using E5 petrol, which will remain available in the ‘super’ grade of petrol (97+ octane).

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Motorists Can Check Online

The Department for Transport has introduced an online GOV.UK E10 vehicle compatibility checker which motorists can use to find out if their car, motorcycle or moped can use E10 fuel.

The Department for Transport has produced a poster on E10 fuel which you can look at here.

You can also look a this E10 compatibility guide.

Getting Further Advice

Some motorists may still be unsure if they can use E10 fuel and will look for further advice. We understand you may not know if you vehicle is compatible.

We advise you should check with your car, motorcycle or van manufacturer directly. If in doubt, motorists should continue to use E5 available in “super” grade (97+ octane) petrol.

Incorrectly fuelling a vehicle with E10 petrol will not cause immediate harm, but if it is used regularly it could damage engine parts.

Find out more about E10 fuel

E10 is one simple step to help motorists reduce the environmental impact of every journey they take, through reducing carbon emissions. 

You can visit the E10 fuel explained guidance on GOV.UK to get more information.

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