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If you have been involved in an accident or
breakdown on Skye, we can help you

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Highland Motors Recovery Service
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    Isle of Skye Breakdown and Recovery

    As a rule of thumb, if you are in any more than a minor bump or incident you should call 999 and ask for the police who will assist you. 

    If you have been in an accident in your vehicle and there is a risk that someone may be injured you should first call 999. 

    If the road is obstructed or there is debris on the road, you should call 999.

    Only when you are sure no one is hurt and there is no risk of any additional collision or accidents should you call us on our recovery line: 01470 532265

    Vehicle Accident & Breakdown on the Isle of Skye

    If you are within the Skye region and require assistance call our recovery line on 01470 532265

    If it is possible and safe to do so, park your car in a safe place away from traffic and wait outside of the vehicle in a safe place. 

    The roads on Skye are particularly challenging if you are not familiar with single track driving. We work with a number of rental car companies and are experts at sensitively handling stressful situations for our visitors. 

    Whilst this isn’t the best situation to find yourself in when visiting a new place, we are here to assist you. We’ll take your car into our Garage and help to make sure your incident is only a temporary inconvenience on an otherwise spectacular trip. 

    We are here to help, keep you safe and keep you moving.