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Here's some information on what you can expect from our Skye Body Shop

Highland Motors Bodyshop
Highland Motors Body Shop Guide
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    Our Isle of Skye Body Shop

    If you’re like most drivers you may – at some point – suffer damage to the exterior paintwork, glass or bodywork of your car. Even the most careful drivers will inevitably have to deal with minor damage or corrosion on their vehicle.

    At Highland Motors we have an advanced body shop and skilled team. Our technicians are capable of fixing, refurbishing and restoring your vehicle to as good as new condition.

    Whether your vehicle has been involved in a collision or just picked up the odd scratch or two, our fully equipped, insurance approved Bodyshop is ready.

    Can you provide me with a courtesy car?

    Yes, however courtesy cars are subject to availability

    We Can Carry Out Car Insurance Repairs on the Isle of Skye

    We are the NFU’s preferred repairer for the Isle of Skye and carry out work for all the major insurers. Having an accident is stressful no matter how slight the damage might be. We try and take the hassle out of the process. If the worst happens simply report the incident to your insurer, get a claim reference and give us a call, we’ll do the rest.

    All our work is guaranteed and we can usually provide you with a courtesy car whilst your vehicle is in for repair, even if your insurer doesn’t.

    Windscreen Repair Isle of Skye

    Our sister company Skye Autoscreens supply and fit windscreens for most insurers. We are Autoglass’s appointed repairer. We fit the screens right here in Borve, 5 minutes from Portree.

    The process usually takes about 2 hours. We have a warm and welcoming waiting room with complimentary tea and coffee as well as a TV if you would like to wait or we can give you a run to Portree if you have other plans.

    Isle of Skye Body Shop

    Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) Calibration

    ADAS use camera-based sensors to help drivers detect nearby objects. The system can help avoid driver errors by responding to the driver’s actions.

    We can carry out camera calibration on almost all vehicles. If it’s only a chip repair, we’ve got that covered and if you’re an NFU customer, it’s free!

    How long will it take to repair my vehicle?

    Until you bring your car in for an estimate it can be difficult to predict just how long repairs might take. As soon as our technicians have drawn up an estimate, we’ll let you know when you can expect to have your car back on the road.

    We know how important your car is to your quality of life in a place like Skye. We’ll make sure we work as efficiently as possible to get your car back to you in great condition as quickly as possible.

    Will my car look the same as before?

    Yes. Our Isle of Skye body shop uses advanced techniques and tools that allow us to return your car to you in excellent condition. We can match our paintwork with the colour code of the exact manufacturer’s guidelines.

    We have invested heavily in a fantastic body and paint system using the most modern technology.

    Our team of technicians are passionate ‘car people’ with expert skills allowing them to repair and recondition your car back to its pre-accident condition.

    Thank you for booking a body shop estimate with us!