Highland Motors Ltd is the only authorised Vauxhall Service Agency on the Isle of Skye. All servicing and repair work for Vauxhall vehicles under warranty can once again be carried out on the island rather than the need for a trip to Inverness. We have invested extensively in Vauxhall diagnostic equipment which enables in-depth diagnostics to be carried out on the Vauxhall range. We don't just cater for Vauxhall vehicles, however.

Workshop We offer a wide range of services for all makes of vehicle. These services include MoTs, servicing, repairs and maintenance, exhausts, tyres, batteries and vehicle collection and delivery and we can offer you a courtesy car while your vehicle is serviced or repaired.
We also have an existing diagnostics machine which covers almost all vehicle makes and models. We also have an automated MoT lane and diagnostic services to quickly identify and deal with all types of vehicle malfunctions and the equipment and resources to cover a vast range of vehicles.

Air conditioning service

We have invested in the Konfort K650E - the very latest technical equipment for a professional vehicle air conditioning service. With this equipment our expert staff can confidently and professionally maintain your vehicle's air conditioning needs.

Your system should be checked once a year or when you notice that your system is not as "cold" as it used to be. Like any other part of your car, in order to run efficiently the air conditioning system needs regular attention. In fact, it needs recharging with gas and lubricant every two years. an Air-conditioning system that does not have the correct level of gas has to work harder, in turn putting strain on the engine and subsequently using more fuel.

Our trained technicians will perform all the following procedures to service your air conditioning unit to ensure the your air conditioning will operating at its full potential after our service. System pressure and vent checks, comparisons to recommended levels, complete a full visual inspection, recovery of refrigerant, evacuation of air and moisture from the system, leak test, recharging to recommended levels and adding fresh system oil as necessary.